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get paid (more) for your video

from reuters

If you like the idea of video-sharing, cash-paying sites like Revver but want to earn even more for your efforts, check out The site now pays $400 (up from $250) for original videos, $2,000 for original short films and flash animations, $25 for original photos, and $50 for “Girl of the Day” photos (it is, after all, a self-proclaimed “site for guys”).

What’s the catch? The video or photo you submit must get published on’s home page, and the site’s owners decide which items make the cut. Still, this is some decent cash we’re talking about, so get out that camera or camcorder and start shooting! Hmm, wonder what they’ll pay for a Lifehacker editor taking a pie to the face. Watch your back, Adam! — Rick Broida


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Dowload of the Week: PortableApps Suite 1.0 (Windows)

from lifehacker


Windows only: PortableApps Suite 1.0 stocks your USB drive, portable hard drive, or any other drive with a full complement of software, ready to run wherever you plug in.

This new version of the suite (which we’ve loved on in the past) includes the latest portable versions of Firefox, GAIM, OpenOffice, and other open-source gems. The suite also comes with PortableApps Backup for–you guessed it–making backups.

The Standard Edition of the suite requires about 260MB; there’s also a 105MB Lite version that substitutes AbiWord for OpenOffice. Whichever version of this app-tacular bundle you download, you’re going to love it. PortableApps Suite 1.0 is free; it requires Windows.

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Download of the Day: Link Alert (Firefox)


from lifehacker

Windows/Mac/Linux (Firefox): The Link Alert Firefox extension displays customized mouse cursors in Firefox to let you know what a link is pointing you toward.

For example, when you hover over a link to a Word doc, your mouse cursor will display a Word icon next to it (see screenshot for more examples). If you’re always looking to your statusbar to find out what kind of file a link is pointing toward, or you just want to have a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into when you click a link (who hasn’t unknowingly clicked through to a PDF at least once?), this is a handy download. Link Alert is free, works wherever Firefox does.

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Google’s philanthropic arm has started hiring employees to help make the world a better place in several key areas — including global poverty, climate change and global public health. Today, a link was posted on the website to a list of job openings they are looking to fill.

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Ten steps do mentas fitness


Wouldn’t you like to experience a little more “mental fitness” in your life? I think the answer to that is probably pretty obvious. There are ten thought exercises you can practice every day to strengthen your mental fitness; these include:

  • Think about the future
  • Create a five-year vision
  • Think about your goals
  • Commit to excellence
  • Focus on results

Nothing really groundshakingly new here; however, these are all good reminders of better thought practices that certainly are to our benefit. Anything missing from this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. — Wendy Boswell

The Ten-Part Mental Fitness Program [e-articles via Business Opportunities Weblog]

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14 Articles of Impeachment for Bush & Cheney

Excellent! Sites violations and laws – several Constitutional violations. Take a poll – at this time 97% agree.

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Add a second Gmail inbox with Greasemonkey

from lifehacker


Gmail user Tyler Hall started forwarding all his work email to his personal Gmail account and wanted an easy way to view his work inbox and sent mail. So he whipped up a useful Greasemonkey user script called Work Buttons to do just that.

Basically the script adds a link to your second addresses’ “inbox” and sent mail in the upper bar of the Gmail interface. When clicked, you can see a search of all messages to and from the specified alternate address. To get this working yourself you have to download the script, and add your second address and label. I set it up for Lifehacker’s tips email and my personal address and it worked like a charm. The Work Buttons user script is a free download which requires Firefox and the Greasemonkey extension to run. Thanks, Jon!

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A melhor definição do Lula

Foi na desciclo.paedia (um iniciativa nacional totalmente inútil que faz paródia da wikipaedia) que achei a melhor definição do Lula na Internet. Segue o link:

A página dedicada à Xuxa tbem merece uma visita.

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Netgear SkypePhone WIFI


O SkypePhone da Netgear parece um celular mas é bem melhor: É um telefone com um cliente Skype completo, acessando Internet através de uma conexão WIFI. Isso significa que em casa você pode desligar o computador, mantendo ligado apenas seu Access Point.

O aparelho permite que você use o chat, o serviço de recebimento de chamadas normal, o serviço de conexão via rede telefônica convencional (SkypeIN) ou mesmo discar para números “de verdade”, através do SkypeOut.

Com tempo de conversação de 2 horas e stand-by de 20h, está melhor que muito celular. O preço é que ainda está meio puxado. Na casa de US$220/US$250.

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Julgamento de Saddan – Legendas em Português

Observem o dramático apelo de Saddan para ser julgado num tribunal neutro, no brazil.

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