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Ubuntu/Linux Roundup


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Thirteen things to do after you install Ubuntu


The Linux on Desktop blog offers 13 installations that will make your new Ubuntu desktop feel and work a little more like Windows.

The list includes utilities every computer user needs, like a PDF reader, RAR unarchiver, the Flash plugin, DVD playback support and desktop search, as well as apps that enable NTFS (Windows-formatted) disk access, and different codecs for multimedia playback support. If you’re taking the leap from Windows to Ubuntu, be sure to also see Adam’s top 10 Ubuntu apps and tweaks. — Gina Trapani

13 things to do immediately after installing Ubuntu [Linux on Desktop]

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Download of the Day: Dexpot (Windows)

from: lifehacker


Windows only: Freeware virtual desktop manager Dexpot provides you with several ways to manage and organize your Windows.

Aside from providing an Exposé-like feature for individual desktops, Dexpot also lets you preview all desktops in a similar fashion to Leopard’s Spaces. Another cool feature is the Desktop Manager tool (you can see it in the corner of the screenshot), which dynamically changes icons to display the active program on each desktop. But Dexpot’s cool features don’t stop there.

Add to all of that mad configurability, like desktop rules for what programs get to live on which desktop, pre-defined transparency levels for certain apps/windows, and fully configurable hotkeys and screen edges, and Dexpot can give your favorite virtual desktop manager a run for it’s money.
Thanks Ralph and Tomasz!

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Startup School 2007

We’re hearing about the dawning of another dot-com explosion on a daily basis. The new bubble, as it’s being called, is full of Web 2.0 startups that are routinely receiving millions in investment cash, and 2007’s slated to be an extra good year for the tech sector as a whole, some even say too good. But whether that’s the case or not is for the investors and investees to sort out. Why?

Because though history does tend to repeat itself – with some caveats – you need to dig deep to find the root of the issue at hand. The new Internet revolution isn’t overly excited. But deep analysis of its traits and trends can lead one to see the real “signs” (like the pre-SEC days when stocks were being street corners alongside hot dogs) and look past the talk of impending doom. I think it’s safe to say that the investment funds and the markets to which they belong are well aware of the implications of oversaturation in the tech world.

One of the measures that is addressing the stability of the new bubble is being hosted by a joint effort between YCombinator, a firm specializing in getting startups “off the ground”, and Stanford University. The “measure” is called Startup School. It is a free event, though seating is limited, and only through an application process (a short one) can you gain entry. Most important is what Startup School is about.

They say Startup School speaks to attendees about all the things one needs to know to start a company. Pretty simple. Straightforward. Maybe even a little boring-sounding. But really, it’s quite an interesting concept to have brought to fruition.

The copy posted on the event’s webpage is almost textbook. “What makes a good startup idea. What to look for in a co-founder. How to get angel and VC funding. How to incorporate a company. How to apply for patents. What can go wrong in a startup? How the acquisition process works.” And I’m sure the speakers will talk about those particular topics. But one can hardly imagine that this is a series of lectures meant only for computer science majors (and minors). There’s bound to be a lot of back-and-forth going on, and lots of talk about how the web’s finest got to where they are, what bad steps some industry stars have taken, how those bad moves were rectified, when to realize you’ve got a great idea, and when to realize that idea you thought was great wasn’t too good to begin with.

It must seem like I’m going through a table of contents, rattling off on something I don’t know much about. But I’m sure many of you can agree that in March, in Kresge Auditorium at Stanford University, there’ll be a good amount of PowerPoint slides being shown as well as some interesting discourse on the state of the Net, where it’s headed, what to look out for, and a lot more interesting goodies.

Startup School ’07:


Expected Speakers:

Chris Anderson – Editor in Chief, Wired Magazine

Paul Buchbeit – Creator of GMail

Paul Graham – Partner, Y Combinator; Founder, Viaweb

Mitchell Kapor – President, Open Source Applications Foundation; Founder, Lotus

Max LevchinFounder, Slide; Founder, Paypal

Mark MacenkaPartner, Goodwin Procter

Michael MandelChief Economist, BusinessWeek

Greg McAdooPartner, Sequoia Capital

Ali PartoviFounder, iLike; CEO,; Founder, LinkExchange

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Quatro coxas num só frango!

fonte: Ovelha Elétrica

Essa é para quem gosta de coxa de frango. Uma anomalia gerou o frango com 4 pernas. Difícil vai ser pegar o bicho na corrida para jogar na panela. Tipo Papaléguas, manja? A ave também possui dois ânus, mas acho que pouca gente se interessaria por isso certo?

Hum… É, acho que pouco gente se interessaria nos dois ânus do frango de quatro coxas, mas escutei falar de um outro frango, homofransexual e com dois pênis, que ficaria amarradão.

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Tenham um Office totalmente online e gratuito

Uma ótima alternativa para quem precisa do uso constante de aplicativos como Word, Excel ou PowerPoint, mas que não quer pagar um elevado preço nem ser acusado de possuir softwares piratas instalados no computador, é o ThinkFree, um site que apresenta uma versão dos três principais aplicativos do pacote Office da Microsoft de maneira online e gratuita!

Ler mais

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Arrumando amigos no orkut…

Acabei de ver no LeilõesBizarros e fui verificar no marcado livre… Tem neguinho vendendo “amigos” no orkut. Impressionante.

Amigos Para Orkut

imagem Preço: R$ 1,50

Localização: Rio Grande do Sul

Finaliza em: 08/02/2007

Clique para ver os detalhes.

Enviado pela Leitora Fabiane, publicado por Bin Ladin.

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Pensamento da Semana

Casamento é um lance que começa no motel e termina em pensão…

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Download of the Day: RocketDock (Windows)


Windows only: Freeware application launcher RocketDock is an OS X-like Dock for your Windows computer.

When I posted about sTabLauncher last week, I was surprised to see the number of readers who were keen on RocketDock, so I decided I’d better check it out. RocketDock is an attractive, easily-customized dock from which you can launch folders, applications, and – again, like OS X’s Dock – you can even minimize Windows to RocketDock. Whether you’re eager to find a new graphical application launcher or you’re a rare Mac-to-Windows switcher looking for a familiar face, RocketDock is a very slick (and relatively lightweight) tool. RocketDock is freeware, Windows only. — Adam Pash

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Download of the Day: DemocraKey “computer condom” (Windows)


Windows only: The DemocraKey portable applications package turns your iPod or USB drive into a pluggable, portable desktop.

Once you download and install the 150MB package onto your external drive, launch it using the StartPortableApps.exe file. A menu will appear with folder links to your portable documents, and the Thunderbird email client, ClamWin virus scanner and what the developer calls “the meat and potatoes of the DemocraKey”:

A security enhanced version of the Mozilla 2.0 web browser, incorporating TOR seamlessly [that] lets you circumvent your school/employer’s web blocker. It also allows you to surf anonymously, and doesn’t leave a trace of the websites you visit.

There’s also a slimmer DemocraKey Lite version 2.0 available that’s in beta. Slated future improvements include document encryption, too. (Ala TrueCrypt, please?) The DemocraKey download is free, Windows only. — Gina Trapani

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